Annual Highway Safety Report:

This is a comprehensive report on the impacts and affects of Highway Safety programming. An overview of strengths, efforts, challenges and legislative issues provide a comprehensive review of the years success stories. Effective and outstanding projects are highlighted. A look into the future allows for an understanding of key objectives and planning.

Annual Highway Safety Plan:

In much the same way that a map gives direction to those traveling throughout the state, this document provides a course of action for improving highway safety in Delaware. The document is divided into two sections. The first section is the Benchmark Report which includes an overview of Delaware's highway safety priority areas; goals and objectives; guidelines for applying for federal funds; and a program cost summary reflecting the proposed distribution of federal funds. The second section is the Planning Document which includes a brief description of each project which will be implemented during the planning year and the amount of federal highway safety funds that have been allocated for that project. The Highway Safety Plan is Delaware's blueprint for improving highway safety in our state.