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Cell Phone and Texting Law

Delaware's hands free cell phone law has been in effect since 2011 and bans all drivers from using hand held smart phones, cell phones, tablets, laptops, games or other portable computers while driving. Drivers are not allowed to talk without using a hands-free device, read, write or send text messages, email or use the Internet while operating a motor vehicle. Drivers caught using a hand-held device will be fined $100 for their first offense. Subsequent offenses will be no less than $200 and no more than $300.

Delaware became the 30th State in the nation to have a texting ban, and the 8th to also ban the use of hand held cell phones. No State completely bans the use of cell phones altogether.

Delaware's cell phone law can be found here under Title 21 ยง 4176C Electronic communication devices; penalties.

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