The foundation of the Office of Highway’s project selection process and the allocation of funds rests on extensive data driven problem identification. OHS and its partners carefully reviews crash data, trend data, survey results through a variety of data sources to determine the extent of the state’s crash problem. The evaluation includes demographic data, location data, arrest data, primary contribution circumstance data, etc. This analysis is taken into consideration when reviewing funding requests to ensure the appropriate and effective allocation of United States federal resources.

OHS accepts project funding proposals at any time during the calendar year. Please note that proposals must address one of the following priority areas:

  1. Impaired driving
  2. Occupant protection
  3. Speed
  4. Traffic records
  5. Motorcycle safety
  6. Distracted driving
  7. Pedestrian safety

Please use the project proposal pdf form to submit your proposal. If you have questions about the proposal or process please call OHS at (302) 744-2740. OHS and the review team will review the proposal within one month following submission date and will provide feedback to the project direction.