The Delaware Office of Highway Safety provides grants to programs/activities which are designed to reduce the number of fatalities, and/or injuries from traffic crashes on Delaware roadways. Local governments, law enforcement agencies, academic institutions, and private non-profits can apply for grant funds that address behavioral highway traffic safety issues related to:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Impaired Driving
  • Motorcycle Safety
  • Occupant Protection – Seat belt usage and Child Passenger Safety
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
  • Speed
  • Teen Driving
  • Traffic Records
  • Older Driver Safety
  • Other

Your proposal should demonstrate a sound problem identification based on statistics within your jurisdiction as well as how you will measure the success of your project.

  • Proposals should demonstrate the promising nature of the countermeasure by describing the implementation approach, citing the evidence of effectiveness or identifying how effectiveness will be evaluated, and/or discussing how the project fills a gap or addresses existing disparities in traffic safety.
  • Proposed projects should have measurable objectives and generalizable results. That is, projects should demonstrate approaches that could be replicated in other locations or scaled up to a broader level.


  • Applicant must be a non-profit organization or other entity such as community groups or churches. Individuals cannot apply.
  • Government entities and academic institutions are also eligible.
  • Proposed projects must occur within Delaware.


  • Organizations may apply for a maximum one year grant, expiring at the end of the federal fiscal year.
  • Supplanting is prohibited. "Supplanting" is defined as the "Use of Federal funds to support personnel or an activity that is already supported (paid for) by any other funds".
  • Proposals selected will be reimbursed for mutually agreed grant expenses with pertinent objective evidence supplied as proof of work.
  • Awarded grants are contingent upon the availability of funds.


  • OHS accepts project funding proposals at any time during the calendar year.
  • Grant work will have an expected completion date on or before the end of the federal fiscal year, September 30th of each year, or as established within the project agreement.


  • Proposals selected will be required to submit monthly and/or quarterly reports and documentation showing that objectives have been met.
    • Documentation will show objectives that have been met, time spent, and expenses incurred for grant activity.
    • Grantees will submit monthly invoices along with required documentation for reimbursement.

Review Committee

  • All submissions will undergo a technical review by the Office of Highway Safety Selection Committee for consideration.

Award Information

  • Award amounts may vary and will be based on the project needs and availability of funds.

How to Submit a Proposal

Project proposals must be submitted through our electronic grant system. For questions, technical assistance and to request a userID and password, contact:

Delaware Office of Highway Safety
(302) 744-2740