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What Is Corporate Outreach?

It is all about partnering with the corporate community to help save lives on our state roadways through information, education and awareness. For more information, please contact Kaila Dukes.

About Corporate Outreach

Corporate Outreach Programs was implemented in 2006 to address the growing need of businesses to educate their employees about the importance of traffic safety both on and off the clock. Over the last several years the program has grown in size and scope to include non-profit and state-run agencies. Corporate Outreach is committed to finding effective ways to reach the people who live and work in Delaware with consistent information on a limited budget of time and money.

To reach the greatest number of people, Corporate Outreach uses the following tools to help managers reach their audience:

  • Monthly Traffic Safety News and Newsletter Articles
    Traffic Safety News is an e-newsletter created to help managers and safety advocates share current traffic safety information with their co-workers. The format is simple, easy to read, easy to print, and easy to forward to an internal distribution list. The information contained within each electronic newsletter is based on the traffic safety hot topic of the month and is divided into two easy to read sections: What You Need to Know and What You Can Do.
    In addition, partners who produce an internal company newsletter may elect to receive a once monthly newsletter article to include in their monthly newsletter.
  • Standing Order Materials
    Each business or agency that participates in Corporate Outreach can sign up for a regular mailing of promotional traffic safety materials. For each traffic safety campaign OHS produces quantities of posters, flyers, and table tents. The number and type of materials each partner receives is based on the needs of the company and the number of employees. Corporate Outreach recommends one poster per bulletin board, one flyer per employee, and one table tent per table in a break area or cafeteria.
  • Corporate Partners, Fleet Managers and Hispanic Outreach Committe Meetings
    The Corporate Partners meetings bring safety managers together with highway safety advocates in a round table format to discuss effective ways to bring the safety message to diverse groups of employees. Two partners meetings are held every year in the months of March and September.
    Once a year, Corporate Outreach gathers together our partners that administer large fleets of vehicles and drivers. Fleet administrators from both the public and private sector meet to discuss the unique challenges of maintaining the safety of large fleets of vehicles and drivers.
    At least once a year, corporate partners who serve the Hispanic community gather to discuss outreach efforts and their effectiveness.
  • Corporate Outreach Awards
    At the September Corporate Partners meeting, Corporate Outreach awards companies that have done an outstanding job working with OHS in outreach to their employees.
    • Outstanding Outreach Award - Given to the partner who has done an exceptional job helping OHS reach a group of people that they might not otherwise be able to reach.
    • Outstanding Program Award - Given to the partner who promotes one traffic safety issue through a targeted campaign of evaluation and awareness activities.
    • Outstanding Partner Award - This top honor is reserved for a partner who sets a great example for other corporate partners in terms of consistent outreach efforts and participation in the program.

2014 Outstanding Corporate Partner

Dover Air Force Base 436th AW Ground Safety Office

Congratulations to the Dover Air Force Base 436th AW Ground Safety Office for being the 2014 Outstanding Corporate Partner.

2015 Upcoming Meetings

Dover DMV Building
2nd Floor Conference Room
9:00 a.m.

  • March 13, 2015
  • September 11, 2015