Riding a bike is a healthy and fun activity as well as a mode of transportation for riders of all ages. Yet, the number of bicyclists who are killed or injured continues to increase nationally.

The Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act

www.bicycling.com, 10/4/2017

"The Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act, which passed the state legislature with bipartisan support, puts forth a number of new and modified traffic rules. These include a ban against honking at cyclists except in cases of imminent danger, a requirement that cars change lanes when passing bikes, and an end to the rule forcing riders to stay to the right.

The law also adopts a policy known as the Idaho stop. Named after the only other state to pass a similar law, the rule allows cyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs. The idea is that cyclists can better maintain momentum if they don't have to come to a full stop when an intersection is clear. Many cyclists already do this, but the Idaho stop gives them legal backing."

Bicycle Safety Resources

What You Should Know About Bicycle Safety

  • Ride Focused - Never ride or drive distracted.
  • Ride Prepared - Always expect the unexpected.
  • Never ride while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Safety First - Always wear a bicycle helmet and other safety equipment when on a bicycle.
  • Know the Rules of the Road - A bicyclist is considered a vehicle on the road with all the rights and responsibilities of motorized traffic.
  • Roads Aren't Just for Cars and Trucks - Both motorist and bicyclist should look out for each other and show mutual respect.