Amish Buggy

In Kent County the Amish community creates unique situations for the motoring public. Amish buggies are horse-drawn vehicles that travel at less than 10 mph. It is very easy to come upon one quickly, with little time to react.

The Kent County Traffic Safety Committee has addressed this issue in a variety of ways.The committee has provided amber flashing lights to the Amish community, as well as reflective leg bands for the horses to wear. These efforts will increase buggy visibility at night and in low-light situations.

In addition, a brochure detailing safety concerns for the motoring public has been developed and will be available in the Division of Motor Vehicle lanes, as well as in Delaware's tourism and travel offices.Finally, new signage has been created. These signs will be placed on roadways where the Amish frequently travel, in an effort to alert motorists to use caution where there is a greater likelihood of sharing the road with a horse-drawn vehicle.

The Kent County Traffic Safety Committee is comprised of members of the Delaware State Police, the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, the Delaware Division of Public Health, and the Delaware Department of Transportation.

Amish Brochure available for viewing and printing below in PDF format.

Last Updated: Thursday, June 17, 2010
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